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Profiler+ About the Creator 

My background is in Cabinet making, working with my father and later specialising in the design and installation of bespoke fitted kitchens, bedrooms and studys. I currently run my own business in Surrey, England see it here  

So, I was never a crazy inventor spending days in my shed, I am a fellow tradesman who understands the demands and challenges of interior installations. Profiler was born out of a need to create the right tool for the job. 

The Profiler is a well thought out, fit for purpose scribing tool developed from firsthand experience and is now an important part of my toolkit. Sales have grown globally via word of mouth, so it must be good 


Profiler+ The Story 

Whilst installing a fitted kitchen back in 1995 in a property that had exposed stone walls, the challenge of scribing the infill panel became apparent, it was a two-handed job and even required another person at certain stages. 

The casual thought, “there must be a tool for this”, but there was not. 

I knew the principles of what the tool needed to achieve without exception, one handed, Pencil in line with point of contact with the wall, Adjustable to standard pencils, Adjustable to the scribe width required. 

I didn’t know where to start, and how would it even become commercially viable. 

Profiler+ started as a cut out from a cereal packet at home, progressed to bits of wood stuck together, metal with the help from my Engineer cousin, 3D printed prototypes and finally the robust scribing tool you see today.  

It took years to develop the product with a ton of obstacles both financial and practical. The only thing that kept me going was the reassurances from numerous major tool brands such as Bosch, Stanley, Dewalt and WURTH and all those who came into contact with the idea that it REALLY worked, and the demand was there. 

It became obvious that the user needed to use the product at least twice to fully appreciate the Profiler+, the first time demonstrated that it really was accurate and educated the user a slightly different approach to scribing, the second time simply gave further reassurance and allowed the professional tradesman to show off their skills properly. 

I am grateful to all the people I have met along the way who have help to translate my idea into tangible prototypes and on to become a commercially viable product. 

I am very happy to say that the Profiler is produced here in England, I personally oversee assembly and dispatch the product so that quality of product and service is never compromised. 

I now have a very select team of individuals supporting my business and we are on a journey to make Profiler more accessible across the globe. 

-Gary Nicholls - Creator of Profiler+