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Profiler+® About the Creator

Gary didn’t set out to invent something, he is a fellow tradesman who understands the demands and challenges of the interior installations industry. The Profiler+® scribing tool evolved out of a need to create the right tool for the job and make scribing easier and faster.

With a family background in bespoke fitted cabinetry, he is no stranger to the task of scribing. Gary’s experience meant that he knew without doubt, the fundamental principles of what the tool needed to achieve;

  • without exception, it needed to be one handed

  • the pencil needed to be in line with point of contact with the wall

  • adjustable to hold most pencils or other marking implements and most importantly

  • adjustable to the scribe width required


The design and functionality of the Profiler+® that you see today is a result of these principles and without compromise, that’s why it is fit for purpose and doesn’t try to be anything else.


Profiler+® The Journey to Market

Back in 1995 Gary happened to be working on a project that involved scribing an in-fill panel to a heavily undulated exposed stone wall. It needed the help of a second person to keep the material in place, and to hold the off cut of wood and the pencil to actually scribe it, it took a few attempts to get it right, that was the moment Gary thought, ‘there must be a tool for this’, but there wasn’t.

It took years to develop the Profiler+® with many challenges and obstacles along the way. As Gary says, “it was the enthusiasm, belief and reassurances of all those who came into contact with it, even at prototype stage it really worked, taking it to production and market was an interesting journey.

The Profiler+® is a no nonsense, easy to use, accurate scribing tool developed from first-hand experience and is now being used by fellow trades people across the world. It was even used on the film set of Harry Potter, where there’s a need to scribe, there’s Profiler+®


Production and Distribution

Proudly, The Profiler+® is produced here in England and Gary personally oversees all of the the assembly and distribution. Quality and service is never compromised.