About Profiler+® and the Creator

With a family background in bespoke fitted cabinetry, my work as a fellow tradesman has always involved the installation of kitchens, bedrooms and other bespoke carpentry, so I am no stranger to the task of scribing.


Whilst working on a particularly tricky installation, scribing an in-fill panel to an exposed stone wall of a barn conversion, it was so time consuming and needed a second person to get the job done. The typical block of wood and pencil is a two handed job already.


That was the moment I thought there must be something out there for this. At the time, there wasn’t anything apart from the profile gauge we all know, but I needed something that could run a long length of material, so I set about creating my own scribing tool.


The Profiler+® that you see today was developed out of a need to create the right tool for the job and make scribing easier, faster and accurate.


The design and functionality is fit for purpose and the core principles of achieving an accurate scribe and fit have not been compromised throughout the design and development stages. That’s why it is fit for purpose and doesn’t try to be anything else.


The Profiler+® is a no nonsense, easy to use, accurate scribing tool developed from first-hand experience and is now being used by fellow trades people across the world.

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